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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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15-foot waves off the coast. >> and that system is already causing problem in the northeast. this is a live picture from virginia right now. and at this hour, the u.s. government is shutting things down. workers are heading home. d.c. expecting as much as 30 inches of snow. we have live team coverage right now and everything from the coastline to the airport cancellations, but first, we've got to get straight to our storm team 4's dave price and the latest on what we're in for. >> moderate to heavy snow working into the area as we head into the overnight tonight and tomorrow. gale force winds, 40d knots or more, that's 45 miles per hour or more. and gusts all the way up to 60 miles per hour in some points in the region. visibility, undera quarter of a mile in many locations, and that's a sustained condition and coastal flooding, don't underestimate the danger of this situation, especially on the shorelines. we're going to watch that. the storm continues to advance right now, we saw those live
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it will turn into a coast tallow as we head through the evening tonight. the arrival times, now pushed a little earlier once again, so later tonight, in through new jersey as we head today break tomorrow, the snow begins here, works through the area and as we been mentioning and stick with this, with about a 24-hour timeline before all is said and done. watches and warnings throughout the region. look at the color-coding here is that the entire area is in danger of potentially significant threats from snow, ice, rain, and high winds. storm warnings in effect with gusty winds, beach erosion, and coastal to flooding. straight along the long island and down to jersey. much more ahead, specific location by location totals in just a few minutes. back to you at the desk. new jersey of course crews along the coastline bracing for the worst. they're in line for the triple threat, huge waves, high winds,
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tracie strahan is in belmar with the details. >> reporter: it's no wonder they've been preparing since tuesday. lake levels and building up these monstrous dunes that last for about one and a half miles, but many of the residents here still weary after sandy, wonder if all of this will be enough. bulldozers hit the beach before sunrise. keeping sand up high. this drone captured video of dunes going up over the 27 miles of coastline in hopes of protecting the area from the type of storm surge residents know all too well. >> when the surge came during sandy, we were evacuated, but apparently the water was up here to the main street. >> reporter: those memories came up during breakfast for fran burn and the rest of the regulars. we sat down with at the balmar car pay it, worries about the coming weather reduced this survivor to tear.
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storm but is hopeful coastal flooding doesn't strike again. >> i have a new house, it's ten feets up in the air. generator in the backyard, i'm hoping that everything will be fine. >> reporter: by the marina, this morning's high tide came close to route 35 in k street, and area often washed out as ocean flooding clashes with the bay. the office of emergency management has their special operation's unit truck and boat standing by, but officials are urging calm. >> we're not in any type of mandatory evacuation just yet. >> reporter: crews are packing up benches on the board walk and back at the cafe, some residents are planning an exit strategy before the weather makes for an emergency. >> i'm going to my sons who has a generator. in four seasons. i'll be worried the whole time i'm away that i'm going to come home to ten feet of water. >> reporter: now we're not sure
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event, bill de blasio who was interviewed today says that the prediction is bad enough that new jersey governor chris christie should be here. he's on the campaign trail in new hampshire as this storm approaches. mayor debellagio says he should be here making sure everything that can be done is being done. of course the coast in new york is specifically staten island being watched closely, my colleague katherine creag and i are going dune for dune all day long. how are they gearing up there? >> reporter: yes, dune versus dune, tracie, we're standing own within of the dunes here. and there's a worker right there. what he's been doing, at least since 7:00 this morning, he's been going across the beach. fortifying these dunes because there is a great concern here over coastal flooding as well because so many residents have fresh memories of superstorm sandy. for a lot of staten island residents like ellen, they brace themselves when they hear a
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>> fickle old woman, it's hard to say what's for sure. so, i'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best, just like i go through life. >> reporter: major flooding after superstorm sandy. living so close to the water in midland beach, residents in this area hope these dunes, that stretch for miles, will prevent any coastal flooding. mayor de blasio appearing on cnn this morning, assured residents -- >> a lot of the major areas that bore the brunt of sandy has been reinforced as sand dunes and other measures have been nut place to protect those communities permanently. >> reporter: the mayor sails mass transit will continue running. city buss will get chains and snow tires ahead of the snowfall. the mta says express trains will run on local tracks beginning tonight. some trains will be stored underground on the express tracks to keep them dry. for metro north, customers if the snowfall reaches ten inches, it: can shut down service. reaction remains mixed when it comes to looking forward to the snow. >> i'm excited for a little
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we can't complain this year really. >> everybody waiting for the snow. >> shovel, but i can't come down here. >> reporter: and we're also learning the nypd's emergency services unit also getting prepared. the esu officers getting their gear, getting their personnel ready in case someone needs to be rescued. they will be there just like they were during are the storm sandy. they hope that that seasonality the case if there is flooding, they hope that doesn't happen, but they are prepared. reporting live on staten island, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> thank you, all those lessons learned from superstorm sandy and team coverage continues now with nourg's greg cergol. than area was devastated by sandy. they've got to be concerned now. >> reporter: indeed, it was, pat, and again, this community being threatened by another coastal storm. and we're told by the national weather service, flooding levels here could reach three feet tomorrow night when the storm is at it's height.
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level of concern here runnings the gamut, one woman said we're not phased by these predictions, another saying i'm nervous about it all, and again, it's because this community was so hard hit by sandy. some home ises here have never even be rebuilt. of reconstruction. and that's where we found a long-time resident by the name of bob malle incomes. he just moved into a trailer as he rebuilds a home destroyed by sandy, and he's absolutely worried about the flooding coming from the storm. he's not going to stay here during the storm. other homeowners however told me they will ride it out. they're hoping that their newly elevated homes can withstand whatever this storm brings. happen again. and it's devastating. >> we weren't really even finished yet, but um, yeah, i'm ready. i'm really ready. i'm going to stay here and just be ready. >> reporter: back live here along the great south bay, now i
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county executive here in suffolk county, she told me right now there's no anticipation of any orders of evacuations for coastal areas, but again the national weather service saying the water could flood this community up to three feet tomorrow night. and that's not welcomed news for the folks here who lost so much just a couple of years ago. we're live in liveden hearse, greg cergol, news 4 new york. we're heading now to la guardia airport, travelers swapping their flights. is it bad? are there long lines? >> reporter: i would say it's a mixture right now, kerry. the key here, it's really a tail of two departure boards. you can see them behind me, if you're heading to places like atlanta, chicago, dallas, things look good, but the southern destinations, richmond, cancellations. and people we talk to say they want to get out now while the getting is good.
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long before the snow arrives. and also accumulating here at la guardia, anxiety. getting out, no problem, what's your concern? home on sunday. i know that we're going to be having a blizzard, so, hopefully they'll be clearing the airports and runways and we can get home safe and quickly on our flights. >> reporter: the skies today, partly sunny and et cab line, easy to navigate. but what caused concern is airlines began telling customers they might be better off rescheduling because this afternoon, traveling south of here is a question mark. >> we heard that if we don't make it now, we probably won't make it until sunday. so, we're hoping it goes. >> reporter: some passengers who found out their flights will leaving today, told me about feeling relief escaping for warmer areas before the storm. >> well,s i was glad, very glad. i want to get out of here. i don't to want stay any longer than i have to. >> reporter: so you have a pretty good picture now of what things look like at la guardia,
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already 225 cancellationings for tomorrow. the bottom line is people who did have weekend travel plans, they really did want to want leave today. tomorrow seems to be almost impossible and as you heard, the indication is anxiety about returning on sunday. live at la guardia, andrew siff, news 4 new york. thank you so much. well speaking of the rails now, amtrak will keep the trains in operation during the storm. >> of course our number one priority is the safety of our passengers and employees. so we'll be keeping a close eye on the conditions and adjust our necessary. if at any point it becomes unsafe to operate, we will suspend service. and that's a decision we'll make as conditions warrant. amtrak says it's going update the website and social media, keep you alerted there with any service changes or advisories. planning to take the train, keep your eyes open. mayor de blasio will give an update today about 1:30. you can watch this live right here on nbc 4.
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also streaming it live on nbcnew if you can't be in front of your television and pick up your smart phone or tablet and follow along. and days of our lives will run in its entirety on kozy. those listed right here on your screen. now we'd like to take another look at that live picture out of virginia. that area bracing for feet, maybe two feet of snow later today. you can track the storm and get the latest advisories any time with the nbc new york app. it is available right now for you in the apple app store an on google play. and still to come today at noon, why north korean officials say they are detaining a virginia college student right now. also, one unique view of this incoming historic storm. that's pretty cool.
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we now know what caused this large police presence. police officer fired several shots at a man inside a car on grove street. the officer was on patrol when he noticed a car stopped in the middle of the road with its hazards op. when the officer approached, he saw a gun. the suspect was not hit. the gun turned out to be fake. that officer has been placed on modified duty and an investigation is under way. people in new jersey still don't have any water after a main ruptured on hare bob boulevard. this was yesterday afternoon. the main was capped, but crews are still making repairs and leaving apartment buildings in that area with little or no water. the city did bring in water tankers for anyone who may need some. full repairs are expected by later this afternoon. two men charged with a using a spanish naval ship to smuggle
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week, said both suspects, columbian nationals paid two spanish midshipmennen to hide the drugs on board of the ship. while docked, the spanish sailors unloaded and transported the drugs to distributors in the bronx. also we're learning new details about an american who is being held in north korea. he is identified as university of virginia student otto warmbier. young pioneers confirms that he was part of their group. that company says it is in contact about this case. he's accused of a quote, hostile act. in today's money report, encouraging start to the day on wall street, finally, the question now, will it last? >> that's always the question, bill griffith joining us from cnbc's global headquarters with how things are looking right now. hi there. >> hi, pat and kerry, yes, this is the question. we do have pretty good gains today, but the there's a lot of skepticism after the year we've
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but we are, td hire's a possibility with this gain of 135 points that the dow and the rest of the market would finish with its first weekly gain of the year. but we will wait and see. we know lots of things can happen in the afternoon. oil has bounced by 7% today. that may just be a one-day bounce, but it may be the bottom of the market, we don't know, we won't know far while. oil prices coming off the 13-year lows means lower gasoline prices and aaa this morning said that the national average now is down to $1.84. the lowest in a decade. get this, oklahoma has the lowest price in the country at $1.57. california, the highest at $2.69. here in the tri-states, prices are lower, new york, down to $2.11 right now on average, connecticut, $2.02, almost gotten wloe $2. new jersey where the taxes are lower all the ways down to $1.72.
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though -- continues higher though, bottom in gasoline prices as well. at any rate, enjoy the low prices while you can. am i relieved that i'm going to see "days of our lives" later today. >> i'm cozy, but you can still watch it. >> have a safe weekend. >> you too. why am i saying that? clearly we have weather coming our way that's going to make way for significant conditions. >> tough hours ahead for us. let's go outside. look what's happening, skies beginning to cloud. that will continue through the rest of the day and then the snow is going to start falling, it's 28 degrees under cloudy skies right now. at 12.17, here is what you need to now. major storm is closing in right now. we are now at that very last level of predictions for what will wind up with respect to storm totals and directions, but this is the trickiest part. so stay with us. 24 hours of treacherous conditions certainly and maybe more than that, once the snow
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morning for us. and while you typically don't think of of this with a winter storm, the winds and conditions and astronomical high tides creating proks for flooding and beach erosion likely along the shores of long island and new jersey. temperatures outside right now, less important piece of the story, but the this is where we are in the 20s and low 20s depending on where you sit. the low 20s to the north and west. storm tracker right now, gives you an idea of this strength and power of this storm as it just begins to push into manassas, virginia, and cold pepper, virginia, and 50 miles from d.c. you'll start seeing snowfall down there in about the next two hours and then it works its way up the 95 corridor. look at this shot from the nasa. last night, it gives you an indication of how mass thif storm is. can we go to the space shot if we have it? we'll bring it up. this is a nighttime picture, and those dots of light, those are areas of urban population. sop big cities, and you can see
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corner of your screen by the floor and the temperature. let's move on right now. take a look, this storm system, about 225 miles from us. we begin to see snow flakes in jersey tonight in the city, early, early tomorrow morning. and this is what we see as the storm advances. now the only question is at this point, how far north does it go? it's going to affect our snow totals as we get north of 87, let's say, into the lower hudson valley and the southern side or northern side, i should say of westchester county. we're imagining. 24 hours of snow until sunday, it's finally out of the way. snow totals, six to # in the city, still sticking with it. trace amounts as you head to the far north and west and watch it in new jersey, inland, worst situation. here's your seven-day forecast, everyone. team coverage continues, but plan to stay inside and not go oids on saturday. sunday, things push out into the week, things melt away. a lot to have cover, stay with us on the web, more through the
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all right, "new york live" citizen next. >> here's with what's coming up next. >> hi ladies. coming up right here, they're the outrageous milk shakes going viral online and causing twg o-hour waits in new york. we'll take you to the restaurant causing a frenzy with these creations. and what a delight being a 20d-year-old man to the stores. the hollywood medium himself, tyler hen ril right here at 12:30. >> thank you, ladies. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon. donald trump on the attack. the new campaign ad that will is
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people are shocked,
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every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016
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and now to the race for president. and a new war of ads on the republican side.
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supported the other aspects of the bill. >> trump won't change the system, he's what's wrong with it. >> donald trump -- >> donald trump's got a new attack ad going after ted cruz using his own words to question his stance on immigration. he shot back with his own spot, blasting trump's support of eminent domain laws. meanwhile crowds are supporting him to the tune of simon and garfunkel's america. a new poll shows sanders with an eight-point lead over hillary clinton among likely rather democratic presidential caucus goers.
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips @nbc new quick reminder, working 24/7 to track tomorrow's monster storm. we just got an update, it'll hit earlier than we thought, about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning with the heaviest snow hitting between 7:00 and 4:00. we could see a foot of snow in the city. parts of new jersey may get even a little bit more. >> don't panic, just be prepared. as a reminder, mayor de blasio will give you an update at 1:30 today. we're going to carry that live right here on nbc 4. we'll also be streaming it on
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don't have access to a television, grab your snoen and tablet and "days of our lives" will run on cozi. >> you don't have to miss your soaps. >> see you back here at 5:00
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